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Investment Disciplines

The same disciplines apply over the various portfolios such as ISA, General Investment Accounts, Bonds and Pension investments.

We concentrate on the asset allocation because:

  • It is clear from academic evidence that it is the key determinant of relative portfolio performance.
  • The asset allocation should precisely reflect your attitude to investment risk.
  • It should take account of your capacity for any potential capital loss.
  • The asset allocation will be diversified between investments with differing characteristics and correlations.
  • The Efficient Portfolio Theory can allow the optimisation of assets to generate the best investment return relative to any given level of risk.
  • Diversification is about consistent with “not having all of your eggs in one basket”.
  • The inter relationship between different asset classes and how this “mix” is blended is central to our proposition and achieving your financial objectives.

Reducing Costs and Charges

  • By using Exchange Traded Funds and Index Tracking Funds the cost of achieving the desired asset allocation can be substantially reduced.
  • We can blend most portfolios to achieve a bespoke portfolio with an appropriate level of investment risk.
  • A model portfolio approach can reduce the cost of providing a dedicated professional fund management solution.
  • A model portfolio approach can allow us to pass on these efficiency savings to our clients. Our charges are competitive.

Some clients are comfortable about introducing some specialist investments. In these circumstances we can use a mix of Index Tracking Funds and Investment Trusts. Investment Trusts can offer significant advantages for specialist areas of investment.