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We will work with you to ensure that your money is working effectively and in a way that is consistent with your financial priorities and objectives. There should no hidden “surprises”. It can be prudent to make some provision for the unexpected.Investment strategy for most clients is a compromise. It takes account of your immediate financial needs, your future aspirations and the income and capital which you have available. Our solution will consider the level of investment risk with which you are comfortable. Inflation is another potential concern.

We will identify potentially suitable investments which could save or reduce the amount of income or Capital Gains tax that you pay, as well as considering your potential Inheritance Tax liability. We will look at how we can maximise the protection of your assets both now and in the future.

Some of our newer clients have spoken of the peace of mind that they have felt since we became involved with their wealth management.

“I am not sure about investing at this time?”

A client in North Manchester inherited a sum of money in the spring of 2008. This was immediately before the financial crisis. It was almost exactly the wrong time to start a new investment portfolio, for a client who was inclined to be cautious.

As a result of the difficult times we recommended her portfolio was invested over a period of time. She started investing at a time when the market was going down, but we stayed with our phasing strategy so that by the time the market turned she would have been about 50% invested with the balance then being phased into the market which was then rising.

To date the investment return to 15 January 2019 is 155% which is an annual return of 9.18%.